Anavar 50mg


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Oxandrolone
Pack: 100 Tabs (50mg/tab)


Anavar 50mg/tab 100tabs

Dragon Pharma Oxandralone is a powerful anabolic steroid.

Orally administered, it stands out for its subdued temperament and negligible side effects.

Frequently enlisted in cutting cycles, it champions the dual cause of safeguarding lean muscle mass while fostering adipose incineration.

Oxandrolone orchestrates an augmentation in protein synthesis, the linchpin for muscular evolution. This steroid is lauded for its prowess in amplifying red blood cell count, refining oxygen carriage, thereby catapulting endurance levels.

Athletes gravitate towards Dragon Pharmaceuticals Oxandrolone, reveling in its efficacy devoid of the pronounced androgenic repercussions linked with counterparts. Unfavorable reactions may encompass liver strain, albeit less acute than counterparts. Prolonged use could potentially encumber liver function.

While virilization effects are a rarity in women, they're not implausible. Oxandrolone Dragon Pharma doesn't dramatically influence natural testosterone production, alleviating the necessity for extensive post-cycle therapy.

In therapeutic realms, Dragon Pharma Oxan assumes the mantle in addressing conditions like muscle-atrophy maladies and osteoporosis. Its remedial attributes stem from its muscle-sparing and bone-fortifying prowess.

Despite its relatively temperate profile, the mishandling of Anavar by Dragon Pharma may beckon health complications. Adhering to prescribed dosages and durations becomes a non-negotiable imperative for athletes and bodybuilders alike, unraveling the potentials of Oxandrolone while mitigating associated risks

Substance Oxandrolone
Route of administration Oral

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