Bacteriostatic Water


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Substance: Sterile water for injections
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Package: 10ml vial (0,9%)


Dragon Pharma Bacteriostatic water is a type of sterile water that is used in various medical procedures. It is an important ingredient in many medications, especially those that need to be injected.

It is called "bacteriostatic" because it contains a small amount of benzyl alcohol, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria. This makes it safe for use in medical procedures.

Bacteriostatic water is commonly used in the medical field for preparing and diluting medications that will be injected into the body. It is also used in the production of vaccines, as well as in laboratory experiments. In addition, it can be used to clean medical equipment.

Dragon Pharma bacteriostatic water, sterile water is mixed with benzyl alcohol. The resulting solution is then filtered to remove any impurities. The final product is a clear, colorless liquid that is safe for use in medical procedures.

Bacteriostatic water is an important ingredient in many medications and medical procedures. Its ability to prevent the growth of bacteria makes it a safe and effective option for use in the medical field. If you are in need of bacteriostatic water, it is important to only use products that have been manufactured and packaged in a sterile environment to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Route of administration Injection

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