Dragontropin HGH 100 IU


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Human Growth Hormone
Package: 10 x 10 vials / 100 iu

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Dragontropin 100iu

Dragon Pharma HGH is an injectable growth hormone.

It contributes to a defined physique and elevated strength. Integrating Dragontropin into various cycles yields gains across the board.

Its prowess lies in its ability to carve out substantial muscle mass within a condensed timeframe, presenting an appealing choice for bodybuilders seeking rapid and impactful results.

Beyond its role in muscle development, Dragontropin elevates overall athletic performance. It goes beyond sculpting, enhancing strength and endurance, ultimately contributing to a more formidable physical prowess.

Its efficacy in promoting not only muscle development but an overall enhanced physical performance solidifies its status as a key player in the bodybuilding arena.

Route of administration Injection

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