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Primobolan 200


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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Methenolone Enanthate
Package: 10 mL vial (200 mg/mL)

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Primobolan 200 for sale:

Primobolan 200 is an injectable anabolic steroid containing Methenolone Enanthate. The compound has low androgenic and estrogenic properties and strong anabolic effects. It has the reputation to be very easy on the body organs and hormone profiles. Bodybuilders and athletes are using it in cutting phases of training. As a result of Primobolan 200 use, the blood levels remains elevated for approximately two weeks.

Primobolan by Dragon Pharma has the ability to retain muscle on a calorie restricted diet. Methenolone Enanthate ester is added to the steroid to act slow and steady on human body. When it interacts with the aromatase enzyme it does not form any estrogens. Primobolan 200 is stacked with bulking drugs such as Dianabol, Anadrol, Anavar or Winstrol, as well as with non-aromatizing androgens like Halotestin or Trenbolone. Average Dosage: men – 600-800 mg per week, women – 50-100 mg. An average Primobol cycle is between 6 and 12 weeks, often the cycle can be prolonged up to 20 weeks. Side effects: men can experience acne, oily skin, increased face and body hair growth and problems related to male pattern baldness, while women can have typical virilization effects such as deepening of the voice, menstrual irregularities, and changes in skin texture, facial hair growth, and clitoral enlargement.

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Substance Methenolone Enanthate
Route of administration Injection

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