Semax 5mg


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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Semax
Package: 1 vial (5 mg)


Semax 5mg

Dragon Pharma Semax is a neuropeptide with cognitive-enhancing properties - solidifying its position as a potent nootropic.

Semax influences cognitive function, offering users improved focus and mental clarity. It works in the body by modulating neurotransmitters, enhancing synaptic plasticity and neural communication. Users report heightened alertness and improved memory.

In addition to cognitive benefits, Semax exhibits neuroprotective qualities. It shields neurons from oxidative stress and inflammation, potentially contributing to long-term brain health. The peptide's quick onset of action and minimal side effects enhance its appeal.

Users appreciate its reliability in promoting cognitive performance without the jitters or crashes associated with traditional stimulants.

Route of administration Injection